Strength in Harmony

The Rainbow Chorus is Brighton & Hove’s only non-audition LGBTQ+ choir, and the only one in the South outside of London.

What a time we had in Dublin…!

On 13th – 16th June 2014, Rainbow Chorus went to Various Voices, the international lesbian and gay choir festival in Dublin, 13th-16th June.  We had an amazing time singing there … including showing off our new choralography!

You can find out more about Various Voices here.

This is what some of us thought of the wonderful festival:

• It was fantastic. Much more and much better than I ever imagined.
• A terrific experience of comradeship within the choir and with the other participants. Quite uplifting – exposure to new techniques and sounds
• VV was an uplifting and memorable experience that will remain with me always. Some choirs moved me to tears with their beautiful songs and I really enjoyed spending time and chatting with other choir members
• Brilliant experience, to sing and perform well, learn from other choirs and workshops, get to know some of my choir members better and to be amongst so many LGBT singers from different countries
• It was one of the best experiences of my life. Lovely supportive environment – singing to make u feel ecstatic, fabulous music to listen to and dancing all night! What more could you ask for- except a week off work to recover!!!
• Various voices was not only a fun experience but I feel like the choir have really bonded as a group and this has had a very positive impact on our overall sound
• What a team builder! Everyone has come back with a smile on their face and relationships have been built as we got to know one another across sections of the choir in an informal way. Powerful to see so many choirs from across the globe coming together to sing and have fun.
• Various Voices was a great opportunity to get to know other RC members better
• Great even – choir really bonded with each other. It gave us a great opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our voices.
• I’ve never been prouder of being in the Rainbow Chorus. VV was a fantastic experience- the singing, camaraderie, craic and wonderfully supportive environment of being with 2,500 other LGBT singers from around the world. Building alliances and making new friends, challenging stereotypes and reaching out thru the live links was empowering and inspiring.