Strength in Harmony

The Rainbow Chorus is Brighton & Hove’s only non-audition LGBTQ+ choir, and the only one in the South outside of London.

Rainbow Chorus Sing Out 2016 – Gscene

Sing out is certainly what the Rainbow Chorus did on Monday evening.

A fringe event that was a taster of their June concert, it was also a window into the workings of The Rainbow Chorus, and a chance to feel what it’s like to sing in a choir.

What stood out the most throughout the evening was how much fun everyone was having. The chorus members sang out with gusto and with a genuine excitement that was infectious.

Aneesa Chaudhry is a dynamic and energetic director, lending confidence and enthusiasm to the choir. It’s no surprise that nearly every section is full and there is a waiting list to join. (Only a few places in the bass section are presently open).

Mojca Monte is a versatile and responsive pianist, and Marco Nardi, the BSL (British Sign Language) interpreter was wonderfully expressive and great to watch. Both of them lent an energy to the evening that never lagged for a moment.

In the first half the choir sang Somebody that I used to know, Going up the Yonder, Where are the clowns?, and Something inside so strong, finishing with an interactive piece calledJubilation. Not just a sing along, the audience were invited to choose a section and join the choir! The result was joyful; for both participants and those who chose to simply listen and observe.

After the break the choir sang The olive tree, A lovely native Mauri song I’d not heard before, a rousing version of Hava nagila (in Hebrew!), Time to say goodbye, (in Italian!), finishing with the tongue twisting Rhythm of life.

The whole evening was relaxed and informal, and without the perfection or expectation required of a formal concert they created a novel experience. Yet the songs still had a polish that hinted at the superb music planned for their summer concert Songs Without Borders, planned for June 25 at St. George’s Church. I have no doubt it will sell out quickly, so I would get your tickets early!