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Do you enjoy singing?  Have you thought about joining a choir?  How about joining us in Rainbow Chorus, Brighton’s friendly LGBT choir?

We have new members nights twice a year (September and January) – no obligation to join and there is no audition! However due to our recent growth in numbers and the limitations of the space we rehearse and perform in, we may need to target New Members Nights to ensure we balance our sound and the overall size of the chorus is manageable. We always have specific needs for male voices in our Tenor and Bass sections. Our Musical Director will make a decision on other voice parts based on the ability to balance our sound as we approach a new members night.

Now in its third year, this exciting group was set up to allow as many people as possible to experience singing in a group. There were members of the chorus and people who came to our new members nights who hoped to join a group without the commitment needed to be part of a performing choir and wanted to be able to sing as and when they were able. Some people are uncomfortable joining a larger choir and want a more gentle introduction to singing. We also wanted to keep people’s interest rather than add them to a waiting list. So for all these reasons we started RC+ which is funded by The Rainbow Fund. RC+ is open to everyone within the LGBT community. It is a much more informal and fun session held once or twice a month usually on a Saturday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm. Those who currently attend are a cross section of voice ranges and abilities and include members from Rainbow Chorus itself who are keen to take part in a different way of singing and learning. There is no commitment required and you can join at the next session, no waiting for a New Members Night. As with anything the more you put in the more you will get out.

Our usual venue is St George’s Church in Kemptown for the Chorus and RC+, although we occasionally use other venues. Everyone is friendly and we are a fun group to join, whether in Rainbow Chorus or RC+.

To find out more, or ask about joining us, please contact Gill and Lorna, our Membership Coordinators at

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