Charleston 'A Gay Outing' 2010
Celebration 40 years since the founding of the GLF we sang at Charleston Farmhouse in both the garden and in the barn on this beautiful summer evening.
Anna leads the way.jpg

Anna leads the way

Gill, Dave and David.jpg

Gill, Dave and David

Stephen, Adam, Jill and Dave.jpg

Stephen, Adam, Jill and Dave

Pascal, David and Matt.jpg

Pascal, David and Matt


Gill beaming

The sun in our eyes.jpg

Sun in our eyes

Choir and audience.jpg

Choir and audience

In the garden.jpg

In the garden

Lower parts.jpg

The lower parts

Matt conducts in the garden.jpg

Matt conducts

Singing away.jpg

Singing away

End of the first half.jpg

End of the first half

In the barn.jpg

In the barn

Charleston choir photo, except for Sharon.jpg

Choir photo (except Sharon)