Christmas Concert

A Dickens of a Christmas!

Dickens poster
The date was Saturday the 18th of December, the time 7:30pm and the place the Sallis Benney Theatre, Brighton. Again, as at last year’s wonderful “Hallelujah! It’s Christmas” concert, the snow lay deep and crisp and even which whilst making things very seasonal sadly prevented a number of people from attending.

As you can see from the
programme, it was a concert of two very different halves. We opened the evening with the choir split into three groups (left, right and centre) to perform Mozart’s Canon for Three Choirs and followed that with the kind of Christmas carols you would expect plus some probably unknown to many audience members, lovely solos and duets, some Christmas songs too and plenty of audience partici----pation!

The second half was our own curious and alternative LGBT musical take on Dickens’ perennial Christmas story. This was a first for Rainbow Chorus as it was essentially a panto both written and performed by members of the choir. It was also notable for being the first time most of the choir have sung at the left of the auditorium instead of in front. This was a bonus for the actors who said how great it was to actually hear the choir as an ‘audience’ member for the first time! It seemed to prove a hit with being cheering and booing at appropriate moments and even laughing at the jokes! Several audience members were seen on their feet at the back and swaying along to the songs! It was a realy tribute to the talents of the choir that it was written in house and we had some unforgettable performances from choir members who we have since seen in a whole new light.

The evening finished with a cheery rendition of Winter Wonderland before everyone headed out into the snowy winter evening.

Luckily, someone was on hand to take some
photographs to give a flavour of the fun.

Some names were missed out from the choir programme but were mentioned on the night, they were: Pascal Bernier (Tenor), Craig Thomas (Bass and Deputy MD) and Basil Richmond (Tenor)