At the Theatre Royal, Brighton with the London Gay Men's Chorus for World AIDS Day

The superb, and large, London Gay Men's Chorus finished their UK tour 'Tying the Knot' with a special WAD performance at Brighton's Theatre Royal. They invited us to perform a solo spot and then to join with them on the finale, so, always open to a wonderful opportunity, we accepted. Proceeds from the concert went to Brighton Cares.

We had a solo spot where we sang,
California Dreamin', John Taverner's "Prayer for the healing of the Sick" and Money, Money, Money. Finally, we joined forces with local choir Hullabaloo to increase the on stage numbers to around 120 for the finale performance of Coming and Going. Someone wrote to our chair later saying the following "I shall always remember the World Aids Day segment, the minutes silence was particularly poignant and Coming and Going that followed was so powerful. The first set of Hiyahi's [in Coming & Going] was so powerful I felt thrown back into my seat and a smile a mile wide came over my face. You could see the whole audience experience such powerful singing and be moved by it."

You can hear a couple of tracks from this performance here.


Some of us popped into the pub next door before the performance (just a little drink of course ...)

Our solo performance

The roof-raising finale

Relaxing at Russell and Michael's hotel

Russell used to sing in the choir and he and his partner ran a hotel and they very generously invited the choir around for a summer social with loads of lovely food and drink. There was even a bit of singing later...

Brighton Pride Parade

We took part in the parade

Craig, Liam and Basil ready for the off

Liam, Adam and Basil in London Road

Tanya engulfed in feathers!

Concert at the Friends Centre

The concert was a pre-Pride event where the basses sang from the main balcony.

Here we are in The Marlborough relaxing after our exertions:

10th birthday party of the Sussex Beacon AIDS Hospice

We were invited to perform in the garden of the Sussex Beacon hospice as part of their 10th birthday party.

Performance at a handfasting

Two members of the choir, Kim and Tanya, were being Handfasted and asked if the choir would perform on their special day, which of course we did. We performed 'Something inside so strong' which they specifically requested, 'Hand in hand' and others. Even their dogs wore flower garlands. Aaahhhh.

This was to be the first of many commitment ceremonies at which we have been asked to sing.

Brighton Festival Fringe Concert

Took place at Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Victoria Road, Brighton

Choir members performing at this concert were:

Jen Green, Rowena Killick

Counter Tenor
Michael Gough

Angela Goodall, Hannah Latham, Tanya Izzard

Russell Brewerton, Adam Clarke, Iain Fleming, Damian Kirwan, Sé Lynch, Basil Richmond, Dave Pitts, Stephen Watson, Paul Woodland

Matthew Cook, Frederick Corneby, David Lilly

Rick Graebner, John Hood, Liam O'Shea, Craig Thomas

Re-opening of Hove Library

The council invited us to sing as one of a number of activities celebrating the re-opening of Hove Library. It was a novelty to sing with us all standing on the staircase whilst people wandered around below, setting off the security alarms when they forgot to have their book checked-out!