World AIDS Day

Apologies for the sideways presentation, but it would be too small to read otherwise.

Brighton Pride 2002

This as I recall was the year of the torrential downpour and ensuing mud bath! Lightning hit the stage and blew the power to the stage - not that it stopped us!

Curiously the picture below is of some members of the choir 'busking' in Preston Park and I assume that it's from 2002 as the 'outfits' match, however, the park looks rather dry... any corrections appreciated as always.

Sea Sound Sing

We performed in a mass sing in Pavilion Buildings, but we had to compete with the roaring North Street traffic.

Queen's Golden Jubilee

2002 was the year of The Queen's Golden Jubilee. There were BBC organised "Music Live" events up and down the country and they invited us to perform in Eastbourne for BBC TV and radio. We gave a short performance for the BBC Southern Counties Radio which was broadcast live on the day. We also performed a number of our own songs on stage. The BBC also had individuals and groups up and down the country singing The Beatles' "All You Need is Love" with the idea that a number of these performances would be spliced together live on TV from all around the country - we were one of those potential performances. However, despite having TV cameras two inches from our faces and rendering our take on "All You Need is Love" into the microphones on quite a windy day, we didn't make it onto the telly. Maybe next time ...

Live on the radio

Braving the wind!

Getting ready for more

Singing in Spring

Held at St. Michael and All Angels, Victoria Road, Brighton

Streets of Brighton during the Festival

The 'Streets of Brighton' takes place every year as part of the Festival Fringe. Street performers run riot all over The Lanes and the North Laine. We 'busked' in both Duke Street (shown below) and at the end of Kensington Gardens.

We're off on the Chatanooga Choo-Choo!

Relaxing in the pub between performances