Making that first hesitant step...

So, you're (possibly) nervously walking towards the church - what can you expect when you find us? Well, ....

Each evening follows a regular format: a little socialising on arrival, then at 7:30 we have a short physical and vocal warm up with breathing exercises and then perhaps some scales and a round to prepare ourselves and then we sing for about an hour.

Suddenly, it's tea time with a couple (steady there!)
of chocolate biscuits, then back to some more singing. After that it's off to the pub to discuss the rehearsal, setting the world to rights and perhaps join in with the music playing in the pub.

Of course, walking through that door can be a bit daunting for many people, so the best thing to do is let us know that you'd like to come by getting in touch with our Membership Secretary, that way you've already made contact and spoken to a friendly voice and you'll know who you are looking for when you arrive and are given your welcome form. So, you can make contact here by